MARE {revitalizing algae & zeolite mask}

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Revitalizing Mask for Face & Body

4 oz / 110 g

MARE is a nourishing and revitalizing face mask made with a unique, bioavailable blend of earth and sea's ancient healing nutrients. Helps balance skin pH and reactivate the natural protective function of the skin for supple, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

Laminaria algae and Clinoptilolite Zeolite combined together support natural metabolic function of the skin and aid in skin natural moisturizing system. 

Laminaria brown algae produces an effective moisture binder which prevents drying of the plant at low tide. Minerals and trace elements contained in the algae can be well absorbed through natural osmosis of the skin. Algae is also iodine-rich to help support normal skin and metabolism. Algae is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and also contains antioxidants, phytochemicals, Vitamin A, B, C, E and K, omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids. 

Zeolite is a crystalline microporous mineral with unique biochemical properties created by the combination of magma and the primordial sea. Rich source of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, selenium, zinc, iodine, and iron, activated (micronized) Zeolite has antioxidant effects, detoxification and immune stimulation to the skin.

Skin conditions:
All skin types, face mask, powder wash, body wrap and bath to relieve hyperacidity

Face Mask:
Measure approximately about 1 TBSP powder and 5 TSP of water for one application. Once you begin to stir mixture, you are aiming for the consistency of yogurt, a smooth paste that can be applied easily. If too liquid, it will not stick to the skin; if too thick, it will not be supple enough to penetrate deep into the skin. Adjust by adding a little more mask powder if necessary.

Smooth still warm mixture onto skin. Use the tips or your fingers or flat brush to apply the mask gently in thin layers to your face, neck, décolletage, back, buttocks, or any other part of your body that needs help.  Avoid eyes and lips.

Allow to dry naturally for 15 – 30 min before rinsing. When the mask is almost completely dry, rinse off with warm water massaging face in circular motion; slight grainy texture will help exfoliate dead skin.  Finally, pat the skin dry with soft cloth and follow with your favorite moisturizing cream if needed. To be effective mask should be applied at least once a week.

Body wrap and bath:
Add 2 TBSP to warm bath to help support fasting, cellulite treatments and weight loss. 

Clinoptilolite Zeolite, Calcium Bentonite, Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina), Palmaria Palmata (Dulse), Laminaria hyperborea, Ascophyllum nodosum, Laminaria digitata, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)